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French Crouzet Visit Secure China

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On January 2, 2020, the first working day of 2020, Secure china had welcomed excellent partners, French switch, motor and sensor experts - French CROUZET: Mr. Sun, Product Manager, Mr. Zheng, Sales Manager and Mr. Liu, Channel Manager.

 (Note: Crouzet is an independent company manufacturing electromechanic and electronic components for demanding applications in Aerospace & Transportation, Energy, Building and Machinery Industry. Crouzet provides Switches and Sensors, Electromechanical Actuators, Electrical Protection Equipments, Cockpit Controls, Automation Controllers and Relays, and Instrumentation Services.Since 1921, Crouzet has a heritage of close collaboration with customers in the development of products, from standard components to fully customized solutions.Crouzet’s customers and partners can rely on our teams worldwide to always meet and often exceed their expectations. Driven by innovation, experts are focused on designing and delivering the right product for the right application.Crouzet is your trusted partner of choice to face industrial challenges of today and tomorrow.)

First of all, Mr. Sun from Crouzet introduces the advantages and application scope of Crouzet products,then both parties discussed the business strategy of Crouzet promotion and corporation in 2020.

We are looking forward for the visiting of the business partners from all over the world!

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