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Aviation Industry

Aviation Industry

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Application of D-SUB interconnection system in Aviation

Aviation connectors are used for aerospace connector electromechanical components that connect electrical circuits in the fields of aviation, rockets, military industry, nautical, aerospace, defense, military, nuclear industry. These fields are related to national economy and people's livelihood, so reliability must be the first priority. The choice of aviation connectors directly affects the operation of the entire equipment. Choosing the right aviation connector can achieve a multiplier effect, so choosing the right one is particularly important.

However, the design is becoming more and more miniaturized, the demand for power supply is increasing, which means that the power connector must meet these two necessary conditions at the same time. In addition to adding power, the design must be more compact. Should start with the following points: First of all, you should understand what they are connected to and where they are used in order to determine what type to choose. Whether the aviation connector is used indoors, outdoors, or in a corrosive environment, etc. Will these locations affect the enhancement of the airtightness of the aviation connector or the addition of a shielding shell outside the insulator. Rated current is the amount of current that promotes a specific temperature rise of the female terminal, generally at 20 ° C or 30 ° C. Therefore, in addition to understanding other test methods, you should also pay attention to the test environment. The main factors affecting the heating of aviation connectors are contact resistance, current flow and heat dissipation channels.

EMC is also one of the important considerations. Electromagnetic compatibility is the study of the fact that various power-using devices (including organisms in a broad sense) can coexist under the conditions of limited space, time, and spectrum resources, without causing degradation Disciplines. It includes electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic sensitivity.

The Inotec connector from Germany can provide the best solution for aviation, and can realize the 360 ° EMC between the cable and the connector. With the exclusive patented crimping flange technology, its all-metal shell can avoid the mutual interference between electromagnetics to the greatest extent, that is, achieve electromagnetic compatibility.

The complete connection system includes connectors, housings, fastening accessories, and related accessories for crimping cables to ensure stability after crimping. Of course, it also benefits from its stable housing design, proper product tolerance control, and good quality production materials. By determining the best crimping parameters for each cable, the dynamic and static bearing capacity of the cable after crimping is ensured to the greatest extent. Even in the case of multiple use, good quality gold-plated connector pins ensure a low pass resistance.

Reducing product weight and using packaging space for maximum efficiency are the prerequisites for designing aerospace communication system products. lnotec's MSBS series products can meet the above requirements. Because this series of products are designed as BUS connectors, there are only 9-pin connector housings of this type. Because the diameter of the connected data cable is relatively small, lnotec specially designed the flange CF400 for this, and left two 30 ° cable access ports. Such a design can maximize the use of the internal space of the housing. G09MSBS can be used as an empty shell or as a BUS connector in a general conventional system.

As an EMC expert, Inotec has developed MS, MSX, MSB, MSBS, and DGA adapters that can be used with all D-Sub all-metal connector housings to provide a comprehensive solution for the highly sophisticated aerospace field, which is used in aviation In the electronic control system of spaceships, space shuttles, fighters, and civil airliners.

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